Articles janvier-juin 2021

  • Nicolas Teillier, Stéphane Laroche, Han Wang & Philippe Herrmann - Single-sensor acquisition without data jitter : a comparative sensor study
    First Break, V39/1,
  • Valérie Krampe, Pascal Edme, Hansruedi Maurer - Optimized experimental design for seismic full waveform inversion : A computationally efficient method including a flexible implementation of acquisition costs
    Geophysical Prospecting Volume 69, Issue 1
  • Dominique Dubucq, Leo Turon, Benoit Blanco, and Hélène Bideaud - Earth observation remote sensing for oil and gas : A new era
    The Leading Edge Vol. 40, No. 1,
  • Lucas Pimienta ; Beatriz Quintal ; Eva Caspari - Hydro-mechanical coupling in porous rocks : hidden dependences to the microstructure ?
    Geophysical Journal International, Volume 224, Issue 2, February 2021, Pages 973–984,
  • Laure Duboeuf, Louis De Barros, Maria Kakurina, Yves Guglielmi, Frederic Cappa, Benoit Valley - Aseismic deformations perturb the stress state and trigger induced seismicity during injection experiments
    Geophysical Journal International, Volume 224, Issue 2, February 2021, Pages 1464–1475,
  • Eve-Agnès Fiorentino, Sheldon Warden, Maksim Bano, Pascal Sailhac, Thomas Perrier, 2021 - One-off geophysical detection of chlorinated DNAPL during remediation of an industrial site : a case study
    AIMS Geosciences , Volume 7, Issue 1 : 1-21. doi : 10.3934/geosci.2021001
  • Lise Retailleau, Gregory C Beroza - Towards Structural Imaging using Seismic Ambient Field Correlation Artifacts
    Geophysical Journal International, ggab038,
  • Xushan Lu, Colin Farquharson, Jean-Marc Miehé, Grant Harrison, and Patrick Ledru - Computer modeling of electromagnetic data for mineral exploration : Application to uranium exploration in the Athabasca Basin
    The Leading Edge, 2021, 40(2),
  • M Zillmer, B M Kashtan, F Doukoure, J-M Marthelot -Application of the differential effective medium theory to determine fluid saturation and crack density from measured P and S wave velocities
    Geophysical Journal International, 2021 ;, ggab077,
  • Tony Martin, Yang Yang, Norman Daniel Whitmore, Nizar Chemingui, Tiago Alcantara, Eric Frugier - Efficient reflectivity modelling for full wavefield FWI
    First Break, Volume 39, Issue 3, Mar 2021, p. 53 - 58 DOI :
  • Vitaliy Ogarko, Jérémie Giraud, Roland Martin, and Mark Jessell, (2021), Disjoint interval bound constraints using the alternating direction method of multipliers for geologically constrained inversion : Application to gravity data
    GEOPHYSICS 86 : G1-G11.
  • Roland Martin, Jérémie Giraud, Vitaliy Ogarko, Sébastien Chevrot, Stephen Beller, Pascal Gégout, Mark Jessell - Three-dimensional gravity anomaly data inversion in the Pyrenees using compressional seismic velocity model as structural similarity constraints
    Geophysical Journal International, Volume 225, Issue 2, May 2021, Pages 1063–1085,
  • Duboeuf, L., Oye, V. and Dando, B.D.E. (2021), An Aggregated Template (AT) methodology : novel automatic phase‐onset identification by template matching.
    Geophysical Prospecting.
  • Cheryl Mifflin, Drew Eddy, Brad Wray, Lin Zheng, Nicolas Chazalnoel, and Rongxin Huang, - Shenzi OBN : An imaging step change
    The Leading Edge- Volume : 40, Number : 5 (May 2021)
  • F Bretaudeau, F Dubois, S-G Bissavetsy Kassa, N Coppo, P Wawrzyniak, M Darnet, Time-lapse resistivity imaging : CSEM-data 3D double-difference inversion and application to the Reykjanes geothermal field.
    Geophysical Journal International, 2021 ;, ggab172,
  • M Zillmer, B M Kashtan, F Doukoure, J-M Marthelot, 2021 - Application of the differential effective medium theory to determine fluid saturation and crack density from measured P- and S-wave velocities
    Geophysical Journal International, Volume 226, Issue 1, July 2021, Pages 405–421,
  • Verliac, M. and Le Calvez, J., 2021 - Microseismic monitoring for reliable CO2 injection and storage — Geophysical modeling challenges and opportunities
    The Leading Edge Vol. 40, No. 6
  • Jakob B. U. Haldorsen, Caleb Christensen, D. Rick Metzbower, Audrius Berzanskis, Jorge Machnizh, Guillaume Bergery, Vladislav Lesnikov, Michel Verliac, Harold Merry, and Ali A. Dawood, 2021 - A three-component optical sensor for borehole seismic applications
    The Leading Edge Vol. 40, No. 6
  • N. de Freslon, L. Cuilhe, S. Yareshchenko, Y. Solodkyi, I. Gafych, C. Rudling, N. Lucet, N. Desgoutte and V. Machault, 2021 - Integration of VSP in the process of surface seismic data inversion
    First Break 39(6),
  • Amine Ourabah, Mike Popham and Chris Einchcomb, 2021 - New node design enabling higher density seismic acquisition could be a game changer
    First Break 39(6),