Articles janvier-juin 2022

  • Amine Ourabah and Allan Chatenay, 2022 - Unlocking ultra-high-density seismic for CCUS applications by combining nimble nodes and agile source technologies
    The Leading Edge - Volume : 41, Number : 1
  • Meng Heng Loke, Paul B. Wilkinson, Julien Gance, Jean-Philippe Malet, Catherine Truffert, Orlando Leite, 2022 - Measurement and inversion strategies for 3‐D resistivity surveys with vector arrays
    Geophysical Prospecting,
  • Damien Dieulangard, Mike Popham, Cameron Grant, Kevin O’Connell, Amine Ourabah and Chris Einchcomb, 2022 - Land Seismic Recording Systems in a Changing World — a 2021 Review.
    First Break, 40(1), 59-65,
  • A. Crosby, D. Ablyazina, J. Naranjo, O. Adamovich, A. Ourabah, D. Tverdokhlebov, N. Gurentsov, I. Arutyuniants, P. Chistyakova and A. Metalnikov, 2022 - Seismic Acquisition in Western Siberia : a Comparison Between Conventional Cabled Receiver Arrays and Lightweight Autonomous Nodes.
    First Break, 40(1), 97-107,
  • Mohammed Outhmane Faouzi Zizi, Pierre Turquais, 2022 - Mohammed Outhmane Faouzi Zizi
    Geophysics 87(2), 10.1190/geo2020-0948.1
  • Paul de Groot, Arnaud Huck, Marieke van Hout, 2022 - Reconstructing seismic images and creating pseudo-3D volumes : a machine learning approach
    First Break, 40(2), 57-62, 10.3997/1365-2397.fb2022013
  • Gabriel Chao, Federico Achilli, José Luis Fachal, Mariana Sainz-Trápaga, Diego Rojas-Arce, Abderhaim Lafram, Matthieu Vinchon, Manuel Fantín, Guillaume Bergery, and Eddy Brosille - Time-lapse seismic integrated with surface microseismic for SRV characterization in the Vaca Muerta Formation
    The Leading Edge 41(3)
  • Leon Barens, Sandrine Vidal-Gilbert, and Chris Cruickshank, 2022 - The role of the underburden at Elgin Franklin in the understanding of the overburden 4D signal
    The Leading Edge 41(4)
  • Julien Guillemoteau, Giulio Vignoli, Jeniffer Barreto, and Guillaume Sauvin, 2022 - Sparse laterally constrained inversion of surface-wave dispersion curves via minimum gradient support regularization
    GEOPHYSICS Vol. 87, No. 3, May-June 2022
  • Valentin Tschannen, Ammar Ghanim, Norman Ettrich, 2022 - Partial automation of the seismic to well tie with deep learning and Bayesian optimization
    Computers & Geosciences, v164,