Articles janvier-juin 2023

  • Isabel Espin, Nicolas Salaun, Hao Jiang, and Mathieu Reinier - From FWI to ultra-high-resolution imaging
    The Leading Edge, 42/1,
  • I Barone, G Cassiani, A Ourabah, J Boaga, M Pavoni, R Deiana - Integrating controlled-source and ambient noise seismic measures for archaeological prospection : the Scrovegni Chapel case
    Geophysical Journal International, Volume 232, Issue 3, March 2023, Pages 1944–1956,
  • Ngoc-Tuyen Cao, Leo Eisner, Erika Angerer, Alexandre Egreteau, Zuzana Jechumtálová, Petr Matoušek - Surface or Shallow Borehole for Induced Seismicity : is This the Question ?
    First Break, Volume 41, Issue 3, Mar 2023, p. 37 - 41
  • Marine Menager ; Aurélie Guilhem Trilla ; Bertrand Delouis - An automated earthquake detection and characterization tool for rapid earthquake and tsunami response in Western Mediterranean
    Geophysical Journal International, ggad115,
  • Mohammed Outhmane Faouzi Zizi, Pierre Turquais, Anthony Day, Morten W. Pedersen, Leiv J. Gelius - Dual-sensor wavefield separation in a compressed domain using parabolic dictionary learning
    Geophysical Prospecting, 00, 1– 19.
  • A Abi Nader, J Albaric, M Steinmann, C Hibert, J-P Malet, C Sue, B Fores, A Marchand, M Gros, H Celle, B Pohl, V Stefani, A Boetsch, Machine Learning Prediction of Groundwater Heights from Passive Seismic Wavefield
    Geophysical Journal International, 2023 ;, ggad160,
  • Peter Betlem, Geoffroy Mohn, Julie Tugend, Gianreto Manatschal High-resolution digital outcrop models of fossil-rifted margins : 3D imaging of extensional detachment systems
    First Break, Volume 41, Issue 5, May 2023, p. 31 - 40. DOI :
  • Lijing Wang, Frederic Joncour, Pierre-Emmanuel Barrallon, Thibault Harribey, Laurent Castanie, Sonia Yousfi, and Sebastien Guillion - Semisupervised semantic segmentation for seismic interpretation
    GEOPHYSICSVolume 88, Issue 3,