Articles janvier-juin 2020

 Yanadet Sripanich, Sergey Fomel, Jeannot Trampert, William Burnett, and Thomas Hess, (2020) - Probabilistic moveout analysis by time warping
 Sergeant, A., Chmiel, M., Lindner, F., Walter, F., Roux, P., Chaput, J., Gimbert, F., and Mordret, A. : On the Green’s function emergence from interferometry of seismic wave fields generated in high-melt glaciers : implications for passive imaging and monitoring.
The Cryosphere, 14, 1139–1171,, 2020.
Valentin Tschannen, Norman Ettrich, Matthias Delescluse, Janis Keuper - Detection of point scatterers using diffraction imaging and deep learning
Geophysical Prospecting, 68(3)
 Jens Tronicke, Niklas Allroggen, Felix Biermann, Florian Fanselow, Julien Guillemoteau, Christof Krauskopf, and Erika Lück - Rapid multiscale analysis of near-surface geophysical anomaly maps : Application to an archaeogeophysical data set
GEOPHYSICSVolume 85, Issue 4,