Articles juillet-décembre 2020

  • Jens Tronicke, Niklas Allroggen, Felix Biermann, Florian Fanselow, Julien Guillemoteau, Christof Krauskopf, and Erika Lück - Rapid multiscale analysis of near-surface geophysical anomaly maps : Application to an archaeogeophysical data set
    Geophysics, 85 (4), B109–B118
  • M Lehujeur ; S Chevrot - On the validity of the eikonal equation for surface-wave phase-velocity tomography
    Geophysical Journal International, Volume 223, Issue 2, November 2020, Pages 908–914,
  • Catalina Morales-Yáñez ; Zacharie Duputel ; Luis Rivera - Impact of 3-D Earth structure on W-phase CMT parameters
    Geophysical Journal International, Volume 223, Issue 2, November 2020, Pages 1432–1445,
  • Florent Colin, Stéphan Ker, and Bruno Marsset, (2020), Fine-scale velocity distribution revealed by datuming of very-high-resolution deep-towed seismic data : Example of a shallow-gas system from the western Black Sea
    GEOPHYSICS 85 : B181-B192.
  • Laure Duboeuf, Louis De Barros, Maria Kakurina, Yves Guglielmi, Frederic Cappa, Benoit Valley, Aseismic deformations perturb the stress state and trigger induced seismicity during injection experiments
    Geophysical Journal International, , ggaa515,
  • Lucas Pimienta, Beatriz Quintal, Eva Caspari, Hydro-mechanical coupling in porous rocks : Hidden dependences to the microstructure ?
    Geophysical Journal International, , ggaa497,
  • Jonathan E. Downton, Olivia Collet, Daniel P. Hampson, and Tanya Colwell - Theory-guided data science-based reservoir prediction of a North Sea oil field
    The Leading Edge, 39/10,
  • Nicolas Salaun, Helene Toubiana, Jean-Baptiste Mitschler, Guillaume Gigou, Xavier Carriere, Vincent Maurer, and Alexandre Richard - High-resolution 3D seismic imaging and refined velocity model building improve the image of a deep geothermal reservoir in the Upper Rhine Graben
    The Leading Edge,