Articles juillet-décembre 2022

  • Cyrille Reiser, Noémie Pernin and Nick Lee - Ranking and evaluation of CO2 storage sites using an advances workflow
    First Break, v40/7, 10.3997/1365-2397.fb2022059
  • Marcellus Gregor Schreilechner, Christoph Georg Eichkitz, Heinz Binder, Maha Hasni, Christina Neuhold, Catherine Jara, Markus Jud, Jürgen Schön, Godfrid Wessely, Ewald Lüschen, Hanns Sperl, Mikaël Garden, Peter Keglovic - Interpretation and Modelling for Deep Geothermal Energy in Vienna
    First Break, v40/7, 10.3997/1365-2397.fb2022062
  • Julien Guillemoteau, Giulio Vignoli, Jeniffer Barreto, and Guillaume Sauvin - Sparse laterally constrained inversion of surface-wave dispersion curves via minimum gradient support regularization
    Geophysics, Volume 87, Issue 3, Pages : R281–R289,
  • Siyuan Qiang, Xiaoqing Shi, Xueyuan Kang, and André Revil -Optimized arrays for electrical resistivity tomography survey using Bayesian experimental design
    GEOPHYSICS 87 : E189-E203,
  • Jonathan Rudd, Glenn Chubak, Hugo Larnier, Ronny Stolz, Markus Schiffler, Vyatcheslav Zakosarenko, Michael Schneider, Marco Schulz, and Matthias Meyer, 2022 - Commercial operation of a SQUID-based airborne magnetic gradiometer
    The Leading Edge, v 41/7,
  • Zoé Renat, Paul Cupillard, Yann Capdeville, 2022 - Interpretation of time reversal focal spots based on point-source homogenization
    Geophysical Journal International, ggac275,
  • M. Aquino, G. Marquis, J. Vergne, 2022 - Joint one-dimensional inversion of magnetotelluric data and surface-wave dispersion curves using correspondence maps
    Geophysical Prospecting, 70/8, 1455-1470,
  • Valérie Winner, Pascal Edme, Hansruedi Maurer - Model‐based optimization of source locations for 3D acoustic seismic full‐waveform inversion
    Geophysical Prospecting,
  • Zoé Renat ; Paul Cupillard ; Yann Capdeville - Interpretation of time reversal focal spots based on point-source homogenization
    Geophysical Journal International, V231/3, Pages 1653–1671,
  • Vilde Dimmen, Atle Rotevatn, Isabelle Lecomte, 2022 - Imaging of small-scale faults in seismic reflection data : Insights from seismic modelling of faults in outcrop
    Marine and Petroleum Geology : Volume 147,
  • Julie Billy, Pierre-Alexandre Reninger, Anne Raingeard, Eric Chaumillon, Clément Bouvier - Airborne electromagnetics as a tool to image the land-to-sea sedimentary continuum : A complementary geophysical approach to improve coastal characterization
    Marine Geology, v454,
  • J Porté ; F Bretaudeau ; J F Girard - Three-dimensional complex resistivity imaging using Controlled Source Electromagnetic data : a multi-stage procedure using a second order polynomial parameterization
    Geophysical Journal International ggac486,
  • Destin Nziengui-Bâ ; Olivier Coutant ; Ludovic Moreau ; Pierre Boué - Measuring the thickness and Young’s modulus of the ice pack with DAS, a test case on a frozen mountain lake
    Geophysical Journal International, ggac504,
  • Didier Rappin and Phuong-Thu Trinh - 4D petroelastic model calibration using time-lapse seismic signal
    The Leading Edge, dec 2022,