Articles octobre-décembre 2018

 Aurélien Mordret ; Philippe Roux ; Pierre Boué ; Yehuda Ben-Zion - Shallow 3-D structure of the San Jacinto Fault zone revealed from ambient noise imaging with a dense seismic array
Geophysical Journal International
 Eve Tsang-Hin-Sun ; Evangelia Batsi ; Frauke Klingelhoefer ; Louis Géli - Spatial and temporal dynamics of gas-related processes in the Sea of Marmara monitored with ocean bottom seismometers
Geophysical Journal International, 10.1093/gji/ggy535
 Pascal Edme, Everhard Muyzert, Nicolas Goujon, Nihed El Allouche and Ed Kragh, 2018 - Seismic wavefield divergence at the free surface.
First Break, Vol 36, No 12, December 2018 pp. 75 - 82