Publications juillet-septembre 2017

 Martin Blouin, Mickaele Le Ravalec, Erwan Gloaguen, Mathilde Adelinet - Porosity estimation in the Fort Worth Basin constrained by 3D seismic attributes integrated in a sequential Bayesian simulation framework
GEOPHYSICS 82, 4(2017) ; pp. M67-M80
 Yuting Duan, Antoine Guitton, Paul Sava - Elastic least-squares reverse time migration
GEOPHYSICS 82, 4(2017) ; pp. S315-S325
 Marianne Parsons, Pedro Martinez Duran, Wolfgang Soyer and Gregor Duval - Understanding the tectonic history offshore Southern Gabon with high resolution seismic, gravity and magnetics
First Break, Vol 35, No 9, September 2017, 81-87
 J. Kariche, M. Meghraoui, Y. Timoulali, E. Cetin, R. Toussaint - The Al Hoceima earthquake sequence of 1994, 2004 and 2016 : Stress transfer and poro-elasticity in the Rif and Alboran Sea region
Geophysical Journal International
 H. Larnier, P. Sailhac, A. Chambodut - Detection and characterization of lightning-based sources using continuous wavelet transform : application to audio-magnetotellurics
Geophysical Journal International